Success and Hustling

Success and failure, they are separated mainly by those who try, those who don’t, and all the subtle levels in between. To try means to move your ass, get out there, and hustle. The whole fucking world is open to you. Everything you love in this world that nature didn’t deliver to you was created by a hustler. By those who try. All the billions of people on this planet, they each need help with almost every detail of their existence. You can certainly be of value somehow.

Had to share this. From Judd Weiss’ about page.

  • Nice! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I am a Dreamer and a Do’er on a mission, and my mission is to change the world (for the better) and help us not only to grow,,, But to flourish.

    The dreamers of the world thank you, for all the inspiration!